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What is KLeer?

KLeer is a Red App for Sabre enabled agencies and is available for download in the Sabre Red App Centre.

Sabre Red App Centre

KLeer will automatically check live Sabre availability for your desired sold out flights. Since you don’t have to actually waitlist the flight segment KLeer can look for availability on any flight and class. It can also look for more than one class on a given flight.

KLeer can look for availability on a single flight or on a connection. KLeer can also replace the existing segment(s) if already booked in another class.

KLeer can be run once, on demand, or KLeer can be configured to run in robotic mode throughout the day. When running KLeer requires the dedicated use of a Sabre Red Workspace.

When KLeer finds an available seat for your flight(s) it can book the seat for you and send a notification message. Or you can tell KLeer to just send you the notification.

KLeer can notify you by email, text message or queue placement, or any combination of these. Multiple notifications are supported. Text messages are sent to your mobile phone using email. Here is a list of mobile phone carriers supporting text message by email.

Mobile Phone Carriers

If KLeer has any problems or needs to tell you something about your subscription an email will be sent to an administrator email that you select when you subscribe.

How Much Does KLeer Cost?

KLeer is only $499 USD per PCC per year. That’s it! No other fees or charges of any kind.

How Do I Pay for KLeer?

Travel Automation has partnered with PayPal to accept credit card and PayPal account payments for KLeer. Just register your KLeer account, pick your payment method and list the PCCs you want to subscribe to. KLeer looks at the PCC ownership of each PNR so be sure to subscribe to all your PCCs where PNRs are created.

How Do I Get Started with KLeer?

Once you have KLeer downloaded to a Sabre Red Workspace just click the KLeer button on the right side of your Sabre screen to start.

The first time you run KLeer you will be asked to either start a trial or subscribe. Just follow the path to start a trial (one PCC only) or click the Manage Subscriptions button on the right side of your Sabre screen to register and subscribe to one or more PCCs.

Enter an email address for someone that will oversee your KLeer subscription. This email address will receive emails when KLeer has a problem or needs to tell you something about your subscription. This email address will not receive notifications about available seats.

Finally, set the amount of time you want KLeer to wait in between checking your KLeer queue. This setting can be from 5 minutes to 4 hours. Please note – setting a short amount of time may have an impact on your Sabre scan charges!

Now you are ready to KLeer the queue!

How Do I Run KLeer?

On the main KLeer dashboard select Run Once or Robotic Mode and enter the queue number that you want KLeer to work. Then click the KLeer the Q button. KLeer will now ignore any existing PNRs or unfinished work from your Sabre work area and access the queue you entered. Availability will be checked for each KLeer request in the PNR.

If KLeer finds a seat for you it will attempt to book the seat and/or notify you according to the KLeer instructions you entered in the PNR.

If there are no more active and authorized KLeer waitlist requests in the PNR it will be removed from the queue.

The KLeer dashboard will indicate if it is waiting to process the queue again in robotic mode. It is important that you do not use the Sabre Red Workspace for anything else while KLeer is running.

The KLeer dashboard will show you which PNR it is working on currently, if any; how many PNRs have been worked; how many KLeer waitlist requests have been worked; and how many available seats have been found. These numbers are reset when you restart your Sabre Red Workspace.

What Happens If KLeer Can’t Book a Seat?

When KLeer finds an available seat and you have asked KLeer to attempt the booking KLeer will try to sell the seat from availability. Sometimes this may fail for the same reasons as when you do it manually. The seat may no longer be available or the airline may object to the booking in this PNR. When this happens KLeer will simply notify you that the seat is available so that you can take the appropriate action.

What PCC Does KLeer Use to Check Availability?

KLeer checks availability in the PCC of the current Sabre work area and while the PNR is displayed in the work area. KLeer will see the same availability that you see under these same conditions.

What If More Than One Class is Available?

If more than one class is available KLeer will attempt booking and notify you of the first class listed in the KLeer waitlist request. For example, if you listed XWQBM as the classes you wanted to check and W and B are both available, KLeer will attempt booking and notify you about W class only. That’s because it is first in the list, from left to right.

How Do I Enter a KLeer Request in the PNR?

The easiest thing to do is download a copy of the helper script, KLeer Lines. It’s free. And it will help you enter KLeer requests and notification remarks. It will even queue place the PNR for you.

Download KLeer Lines here.

KLeer is really easy to use. Just let KLeer know what flight or connection you want to check and what classes or inventory codes you desire. KLeer will take care of the rest. Even if the airline doesn’t normally allow waitlisting you can still have KLeer check availability for you. Here’s how to do it.

First tell KLeer what flight and classes you want to check:

For a single flight: 5H-KLEER-DL1234-BQM-15SEPLAXSYD

For a connection: 5H-KLeer-SQ12/1978-BQM-15SEPLAXSYDMEL

Next tell KLeer how you want to be notified when it finds a seat.

You can have KLeer send you an email or queue place the PNR or both. If you use one of the supported mobile carriers, you can also have KLeer send you a text message.

Email (note * in place of @):


Queue place:


Text message (note * in place of @):


Then place the PNR on your KLeer queue. That’s it! You’re in the KLeer!

The next time you run the KLeer app it will check your PNR for seats.

Here are a couple of optional features you may wish to use.

Here are a couple of optional features you may wish to use.

Suppose you don’t want KLeer to attempt booking the available seat and you just want to be notified. Then add –DNB to the end of the KLeer request like this:


Maybe you want KLeer to specifically check direct connect availability. (Sabre is usually able to do this automatically, but just in case!) Then add –DC to the end of the KLeer request like this:


Maybe you want KLeer to replace the existing booking if tickets haven’t been issued yet:


What if I have more questions?

Please download a copy of the User Guide here. It covers everything.